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Weeds August 19, 2011

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I had a revelation a couple of weeks ago while I was getting our yard ready for our annual picnic.  Like a lot of areas, we were in a drought, and our yard was/is mostly brown except for the weeds.  It amazes me at how the weeds continue to grow without water.  That got me thinking about the sin in our lives.  It sustains even though we are not consciously cultivating it.  Conversely, when we don’t take care of the good parts of our lives (the non-sin); it dries up and turns brown just like our grass does when it doesn’t get enough water.


Let’s take a look at one of the most common weeds that can take over our yards… the Dandelion.  It get’s this cute little yellow flower head on it.  Kids like to pick them and give them to their moms or others that they love.  They don’t realize it is a weed.  If it doesn’t get picked, the yellow flower head turns into this soft, fluffy ball.  Then a breeze comes along, and those fluffy balls get taken away like parachutes.  These “parachutes” are individual seeds.  They fly around and land, and next year, there’s another dandelion in your yard or the neighbor’s yard.  If you decide to try and pull one it is difficult to get the whole root especially when the plants are large and the ground is dry.  It’s best to take a weed killer to it – a good one.  One that penetrates all the way down to the roots, and doesn’t leave brown spots from where the dandelion used to be.


Sin is like that dandelion.  At first is seems small, unobtrusive, and even a little cute.  Then it takes root in your yard and possibly your neighbors.  The longer it is left there, the deeper the root, the harder it is to get it out of your “yard”.  Then, it begins to take over and choke off the good growth. 


We often try to remove the weed ourselves.  We use chemicals, natural weed killers, and sometimes just pull them out hoping that we got the whole root.  When we realize we cannot get rid of the weeds ourselves we finally go to the expert.  Thank goodness we have a Savior who can tell a weed from a flower, and has the ability to dig deep down into the soul and remove the weed/sin.  It is sometimes very painful to have the weeds pulled, but the growth and beauty that comes from it is amazing.


Are you looking at your dandelions like they are flowers or have you gone to the expert to have the weed removed so you can flourish?  Give the expert a call.  He’s waiting, lovingly, with his root remover.


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