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My Giant March 23, 2011

Filed under: Killing the Giant — Voice of Truth Project @ 9:02 am

I believe that everything I perceived to be the “giants” in my life is just one BIG giant.  I began working on this blog to name all of my giants.  What I thought were the multiple giants are just the arms and legs of a bigger giant.  Each part taking its turn at taunting me; calling me out to battle. 

I started with a list of perfectionism, fear, and insecurity.  I worked through “perfectionism” first, thinking that was my biggest giant.  Then, I started looking at what made that giant so strong.  It was fear.  Fear of not being accepted.  Fear of losing my friends.  Fear of being unlovable because I failed.  Fear of not being successful at whatever it was I was doing.  Fear of being left behind.   Then, I glanced at “insecurity.”  What is insecurity, but fear?  There! There’s my giant!  Fear.  Big, ugly, hairy, nasty, fear!

I know.  Some fear is healthy.  Fear of walking down a dark alley in the seedy part of town at night is a healthy fear.  I’m talking about the unhealthy fear that stops me from being the person God created me to be.  Here is the vital statistics:

Name:  Fear (Fear of not being perfect; Fear of not being accepted/loved; Fear of failure just to name a few.)

Where he is from:  My past and present. 

Size: HUGE!  Feels like 30 feet tall, but probably only six feet tall.  Very muscular. 

Clothing: Blondish-brown hair, green-hazel eyes, muscular.  Dressed to the 9’s.

Weapons: Doubt, discouragement, past mistakes, negative talk, insecurity.

Personality: Brash, wicked, evil, cunning, stealthy, at times all-consuming.

Now that I have identified my giant, I will need to begin my training.  David did not come to the battlefield that day never having used a sling-shot before.  He was a shepherd and had to protect the flock from all sorts of dangers.  God used that time to train him.

Next up… Training Begins. 


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